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Many people associate the process of relocation with stress and tiredness. Lots of problems occur because of people’s worries about the transportation of furniture and other utensils: customers are afraid that their favorite things may get damaged, or, what is even worse, get lost. The best way to avoid troubles is to use the services of a reliable moving company. We assure that you will feel comfortable with our «A couple of movers» team since we do our best to deliver moving services on the highest level.

Principles of our work

While consultation, our managers discuss all nuances of the future moving, helping to choose services, appropriate for a definite client.

We help not only with transportation but also with packing and unpacking of goods. You may bundle everything on your own, or we may do it for you. It’s up to you to decide which things to prepare by yourself, and which ones will be prepared for transportation by our professionals. The same goes with unpacking. We may deliver everything in boxes, may put apart the heaviest ones, or unpack every single thing – that is the question of your choice.

If it is necessary, we put some things apart, transport, and then put them together again. If you are afraid that you won’t manage to connect some electronic devices in a new place, our professionals, who are acquainted with the latest modern technologies, will do it instead of you. While transportation, lots of litter appear: that’s why our professionals are also responsible for cleaning up and delivering your goods in the same conditions as they were before the shipment.

You may have no accommodation for your baggage. With «A couple of movers» you don’t have to care about it: we are ready to keep all your packages on our special storage as long as you need. Whatever service or combination of services you choose, be sure: we are in charge of every single item of yours.

Why we?

Due to the great experience in the market of moving, we know the best and the safest ways for transporting. We have accomplished hundreds of various works: have helped with the resettlement to the new flat, house, office, or even storage. We have successfully provided transportations of single things, for example, precise furniture, and the whole storages, filled with small items.

Our office is located in Florida, but our working activity is not restricted to the only one state. We do conveyance throughout the USA. It doesn’t matter where you are going to move: we will follow you to the nearest district or to another state. «A couple of movers» team is composed of qualified and experienced professionals only. The list of happy clients, who come back to our services and advice our team to friends and relatives, is our main point of pride.